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frequently asked questions

Q. Am I signing up for a rate now?

A. Yes if accept the 7.7 KHW Residential Rate and sign up on a link provided with our Energy Partner Next Era.

A. Commercial Rates Only. You may also get a quote on the daily market price for and the different types of energy options. You do not have to accept any rate offer by filling out an LOA. Later, you will always have the ability to decline an offer and stay with the utility. The LOA is an enrollment form for obtaining usage and pricing. By participating, you are giving yourself the opportunity to see what rates are available so you can make a decision at that time.

Q. What is the rate?

A. The rate offers will be different depending on what suits your business thru the Electric Suppliers that service your utility’s coverage area. Whichever electric supplier gives your business the best price and terms for your business will be the supplier you may contract with if you agree to the terms and pricing.

Q. Can I cancel if I decide I do not want it?

A. Once you sign a contract for supply you can cancel at the end of the term you pick. We do not auto renew but will contact you with new pricing prior to the end of your contract..

Q. How much does it cost to enroll?

A. Nothing. You will never pay to participate and never pay to receive a rate offer.

Q. How will I know I am getting lower rates?

A. At the time an offer is made, we will provide you the information for both current posted utility rates and the new offer. You will see the lower rates before ever starting with a new supplier.

Q. Can I sign up all my properties and businesses , e.g. sign up?

A. Yes If they are commercial rates with your utility provider. In some case you may aggregate other businesses you own for better pricing This aggregation works with all the major utilities and is currently very successful for better pricing

Q. What happens if I do not accept any rate offer?

A. Nothing you stay with the provider you have at the rate they offer.

Q. What if I find a better rate from another company?

A. The best part about this program is that it does not affect your own ability to go out and shop for prices. However, there may be penalties for cancelling a contract you have in place. This program is designed to give you the best pricing available thru Summerview Energy. Rates normally reserved for commercial customers are generally very competitive. The Residential Rate will be posted when you sign up.

Q. Can I be notified by email, rescind an offer by email?

A. Yes. At the end of your contract we do not auto renew. We can respond more quickly with electronic notifications. This makes it very simple to look for new offers from suppliers. If you like the offer and terms (which will be in writing), then we can have the supplier prepare a contract for your review.

Q. What happens when the term of the offer expires?

A. Each term and offer will be unique, Before the end of the initial term, we will work diligently to provide our customers with another rate offer that extends the savings. If one cannot be secured, your account will default back to the utility until a better rate can be offered.

Q. When do my savings start?

A. The offers will start on the next meter read following the notification. We will first notify you of the offer, secure acceptance with the utility, and manage the transition for the next meter read date associated with your account. In simpler terms, it will start at the beginning of your next billing cycle, which means you should see your new rates on the following bill pending your utility company rules. See the suppliers info for Q & A on residential rates

For more information and answers please call your local office or agent. 603 432-5453 office.

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